Sunday Funday!!!

This morning I went to church with Erin and Jeremy (my house mates at Melrose) out in Ash Grove. I hadn’t been to an AG church before so I was def not prepared for the praise and worship stuff…I am used to Baptist preachers being really long winded and such. But it was really nice!

It is absolutely gorgeous weather today and Felicia, Jenna and I are going to drive out to Fairgrove to go to The Harvest Fest that’s going on there! It’s free and I’m super excited! Some of my favorite things are going to Festivals. Crafts, Harvest, Arts, Food, Music…I JUST LOVE FESTIVALS!

I hope everyone is having a really great day!

PS. Yesterday the other Lindsey helped me put on my bicycle basket. Finally!  It’s so cute and my little monster, Amos, fits just perfect right there up front now! YAY!


A Fresh Start Fall

I recently moved into a new place! It’s a whole lot closer to work, to my friends and to our downtown area!  I LOVE IT! We call it Melrose Place and the building consists of Jeremy, Erin and Phill.  I couldn’t be happier right now!  We all know how much I love to decorate and garden right!?  Well I am currently repainting the kitchen PINK, the living room Mark Twain House Gold (it’s kinda green!), I recovered two matching chairs for my bedroom yesterday and made a new doggy bed for my little Amos Monster! OMGoodness!!!  As for the gardening bit…it’s the best part….All the house mates had a garden this past summer and we all plan on doing it again come spring and all I have to do is glance out my craft room windows and there it is!!!  RIGHT IN MY EYE SIGHT!!!  Eeek!  Apartment living has always kinda freaked me out, I’ve only lived in one apartment my entire life until now and I was 17!  It’s terribly exciting!

I have been so busy and this summer just turned into utter craziness so I feel awful that I haven’t been blogging.  It’s completely lame.  This fall and winter hopefully I will make more time for the things I love and remove some of those distractions that were less than productive!


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