Sunday Funday!!!

This morning I went to church with Erin and Jeremy (my house mates at Melrose) out in Ash Grove. I hadn’t been to an AG church before so I was def not prepared for the praise and worship stuff…I am used to Baptist preachers being really long winded and such. But it was really nice!

It is absolutely gorgeous weather today and Felicia, Jenna and I are going to drive out to Fairgrove to go to The Harvest Fest that’s going on there! It’s free and I’m super excited! Some of my favorite things are going to Festivals. Crafts, Harvest, Arts, Food, Music…I JUST LOVE FESTIVALS!

I hope everyone is having a really great day!

PS. Yesterday the other Lindsey helped me put on my bicycle basket. Finally!  It’s so cute and my little monster, Amos, fits just perfect right there up front now! YAY!


Harvesting In The Morning

Today is so beautiful outside!  The weather is gorgeous and I got up fairly early to water and harvest some vegetables.   I managed to get 2 Green Bell Peppers, another tomato from the Paul Robeson, one from the Black Beauty, about 7 Early Boys, two hands full of Yellow Pear tomatoes and a salads worth of lettuce!  The early boy whatever tomatoes are just awful so I threw them in today’s Tex-Mex Chili and I plan on enjoying that later this evening! Yummy!   I also tried to pick a head of cabbage but let me tell you, FAIL!  The worms may have won.  It is true.  I am sad but…they won.

Later today Felicia and I are going to The Moxie to watch Food Inc.  I am so excited! I have been wanting to see this film since I first heard about it months ago!


Dear Blog,

I have been so neglectful.  Please forgive me.  I promise to be more attentive to your needs in the very near future! Excuses! Excuses! I met a lady.  She is kind, beautiful, smart, and I adore her…my head may be in her ass slightly though.  I am so very sorry.  Also my camera has been in repair at Best Buy for over a month now and I am feeling rather awkward without it.  I always think “Oh take a picture and blog about this.”  Oh but I can’t, so I have been neglecting the entire thing altogether.  Sad day.



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