Sunday Funday!!!

This morning I went to church with Erin and Jeremy (my house mates at Melrose) out in Ash Grove. I hadn’t been to an AG church before so I was def not prepared for the praise and worship stuff…I am used to Baptist preachers being really long winded and such. But it was really nice!

It is absolutely gorgeous weather today and Felicia, Jenna and I are going to drive out to Fairgrove to go to The Harvest Fest that’s going on there! It’s free and I’m super excited! Some of my favorite things are going to Festivals. Crafts, Harvest, Arts, Food, Music…I JUST LOVE FESTIVALS!

I hope everyone is having a really great day!

PS. Yesterday the other Lindsey helped me put on my bicycle basket. Finally!  It’s so cute and my little monster, Amos, fits just perfect right there up front now! YAY!


This Crazy Busy Life

This past week was super crazy and full of fun!  Last Thursday was my Best Friend Ashley’s 25th birthday, then the next evening was spent with my friend Felicia who was celebrating her good friend ending Chemo, Saturday I work a double and then finally Sunday the entire day was spent at Silver Dollar City!!!  Was there time for much else?  I think not.  My house is a wreck, laundry is starting to pile up and that garden needs work.  So what did I decide to do with my day off from the world?  Play and sleep.  That’s right folks, I only did two things on that to-do list and it felt great!  Dishes be damned!

Never the less I managed to turn the beds a little and weed some ever thriving grass that had worked its way into the cabbage patch.  I also trimmed a rose bush and worked on clearing out the overgrown butterfly bed today. Overall I feel like the effort spent was much needed and of course rewarded myself handsomely, with a 3 hour nap.

I also ordered myself a helmet from REI.  My friend has been on my back about getting one since I ride so much and so far.  I finally found one I liked today and now I am impatiently awaiting its arrival!  I happened to buy myself a new Nalgene too since I lost my beloved pink one awhile back.

Since moving into the new house I have found a new since of craftiness!  I love creating anything and everything.  I guess my mused was just all dried up there for awhile though and I think I went a whole year without making one damn thing.  I didn’t sew a single stitch, paint a single speckle or craft a single collage.  But now!!!  I can’t even stop myself.  I’m painting a bird house to match the house and I love it!  I am working on a third painting and just today I started a Kimono style bath robe for myself!  I even managed to fix a gathering apron today that needed a little love.  Let me tell you how good it feels too.  I love being able to say, “Yeah, I made that!”.

I hope everyone’s week is off to a fabulous start!  Don’t work too hard!




In Full Swing…

Last night I decided to stay up really late painting.  I now have two paintings to show for my diligent efforts!  It had been so long and it felt so good to get into that groove and just keep painting.






Also, this morning the Hollyhocks finally greeted us!  So gorgeous and large!  I can’t wait to see how beautiful they are in full bloom!  These babies are huge, I’m 5’6 and they are taller than I am.

hollyhocksThe light pink Hollyhocks!  So pretty!


frontflowersThis is the very front corner of the yard.  You can see the light pink rose bush, the small fuchsia rose bush and the light purple hollyhocks! 




I figure I might as well show everyone a shot from the garden this morning too.  A little messy but definitely on the way to being cleaned up!   We have managed to get two out of the 3 large beds planted and this afternoon I am working on the smaller baby cucumber bed.  I can’t wait to make those little pickle babies with my friend Laura.  We’ve have been looking forward to canning since last Novemeber!

messygardenI’ve been painting and trying to trim around the bed but it is just so darn hot outside already! 



The little baby spinach sprouts!


toms1The tomatoe plants are really taking off now that we have some super warm days under our belt.




blackberries1This morning I also noticed that all of our raspberries are starting to turn.  I can’t wait to make jam and homemade ice cream with these!


grapesLast but not least, the white grapes!  Looks like they are growing by leaps and bounds right now!  I for one am super excited about this summer treat.  I love to freeze white grapes!  I  just pop them in my mouth to my hearts content!  Perfect on a super hot Missouri day.


 I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the beautiful weather!   I am off on a little bike ride!



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