Music: Colin Hay- I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get over You

Ingrid Michealson- You and Ilarge_Ingrid

Jason Mraz- Beautiful Mess

(Also if you haven’t downloaded the iTunes 9 yet…you absolutely should…I am in love with the Genius Mixes my computer makes!!!)

Favorite Snack: I am completely in love with Fudge Scicles and String Cheesefudgesicle

Crafting: I have made 2 sweaters for Amos, reconstructed vintage curtains, painted my kitchen Pink, made a pup bed, recoved chairs, made a plastic bag bike bag, decorated a chalk board with buttons, repaired aprons, I even started a Craft Night!!!  The craft bug bit me!!!

CHURCH: My friend Erin invited me and I finally gave in to my wanting!  I am loving it!  I bought my very first adult Bible too!  They had a devotional that went with it too so I couldn’t resist! green_bible_420wide

Movies: August Rushaugust-rush-movie-stills

Antique State Plates.  I am so obsessed!  I even have my Mimi hunting them down for me!  I have about 10 but I could stand to have a million more!  They have this perfect nostalgic feel to them…so stinkin cute!louisisana806


Sunday Funday!!!

This morning I went to church with Erin and Jeremy (my house mates at Melrose) out in Ash Grove. I hadn’t been to an AG church before so I was def not prepared for the praise and worship stuff…I am used to Baptist preachers being really long winded and such. But it was really nice!

It is absolutely gorgeous weather today and Felicia, Jenna and I are going to drive out to Fairgrove to go to The Harvest Fest that’s going on there! It’s free and I’m super excited! Some of my favorite things are going to Festivals. Crafts, Harvest, Arts, Food, Music…I JUST LOVE FESTIVALS!

I hope everyone is having a really great day!

PS. Yesterday the other Lindsey helped me put on my bicycle basket. Finally!  It’s so cute and my little monster, Amos, fits just perfect right there up front now! YAY!