Music: Colin Hay- I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get over You

Ingrid Michealson- You and Ilarge_Ingrid

Jason Mraz- Beautiful Mess

(Also if you haven’t downloaded the iTunes 9 yet…you absolutely should…I am in love with the Genius Mixes my computer makes!!!)

Favorite Snack: I am completely in love with Fudge Scicles and String Cheesefudgesicle

Crafting: I have made 2 sweaters for Amos, reconstructed vintage curtains, painted my kitchen Pink, made a pup bed, recoved chairs, made a plastic bag bike bag, decorated a chalk board with buttons, repaired aprons, I even started a Craft Night!!!  The craft bug bit me!!!

CHURCH: My friend Erin invited me and I finally gave in to my wanting!  I am loving it!  I bought my very first adult Bible too!  They had a devotional that went with it too so I couldn’t resist! green_bible_420wide

Movies: August Rushaugust-rush-movie-stills

Antique State Plates.  I am so obsessed!  I even have my Mimi hunting them down for me!  I have about 10 but I could stand to have a million more!  They have this perfect nostalgic feel to them…so stinkin cute!louisisana806


A Fresh Start Fall

I recently moved into a new place! It’s a whole lot closer to work, to my friends and to our downtown area!  I LOVE IT! We call it Melrose Place and the building consists of Jeremy, Erin and Phill.  I couldn’t be happier right now!  We all know how much I love to decorate and garden right!?  Well I am currently repainting the kitchen PINK, the living room Mark Twain House Gold (it’s kinda green!), I recovered two matching chairs for my bedroom yesterday and made a new doggy bed for my little Amos Monster! OMGoodness!!!  As for the gardening bit…it’s the best part….All the house mates had a garden this past summer and we all plan on doing it again come spring and all I have to do is glance out my craft room windows and there it is!!!  RIGHT IN MY EYE SIGHT!!!  Eeek!  Apartment living has always kinda freaked me out, I’ve only lived in one apartment my entire life until now and I was 17!  It’s terribly exciting!

I have been so busy and this summer just turned into utter craziness so I feel awful that I haven’t been blogging.  It’s completely lame.  This fall and winter hopefully I will make more time for the things I love and remove some of those distractions that were less than productive!


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Peanut Butter Hummus

Today ended up being a rather rainy day.  Don’t worry though; I took full advantage of having to stay indoors!  I managed to clean the entire house!  A super productive day; what could be better?


Last month I decided to become a full time Vegetarian. True, some days I fail and I start over again the next day but; I feel pretty good about it so far.  Since then I have been trying my hand at a lot of new recipes.  Last week my roommate and I had a few friends over and we all had homemade Black Bean Burgers. They were so good!  Not to toot my own horn but, they were really yummy!  We all piled on the Muenster cheese, crispy pickles and those fabulously tangy yellow peppers!  Ummm… 

So last week at the market I decided that I wanted to make hummus from scratch.  Beans to hummus.  I feel like this is pretty cool, no lie.  I made hard beans tasty like yummy hummus!   I tried a bit of it for myself and it’s not half bad.  My initial reaction was that it isn’t as smooth as store bought hummus but I decided that it means it’s less processed and therefore better.  I say the trade off is worth it.  This is my original recipe for Peanut Butter Hummus.  I hope you enjoy! 


Peanut Butter Hummus

2 1/2 cups of soaked, rinsed and cooked chickpeas

2 cloves of garlic

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon lime juice

2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter

1 cup plain yogurt

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

Handful of fresh parsley leaves


Yesterday I soaked the chickpeas over night and today I boiled them for about 2 hours.  Since I used chunky Smuckers Peanut Butter I threw that, the garlic and the fresh parsley (from our herb garden!!!) in the food processor first.  Then I added the chickpeas and olive oil.  After this reached about the consistency of mayo I mixed in the lime juice, yogurt, salt and pepper by hand. 


Soaking the chickpeas.

Soaking the chickpeas.


A few of the essentials!

A few of the essentials!

The finished product!

The finished product!




Wish me luck!  My friend and my roommate are the true test of my new recipe later this evening!