Music: Colin Hay- I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get over You

Ingrid Michealson- You and Ilarge_Ingrid

Jason Mraz- Beautiful Mess

(Also if you haven’t downloaded the iTunes 9 yet…you absolutely should…I am in love with the Genius Mixes my computer makes!!!)

Favorite Snack: I am completely in love with Fudge Scicles and String Cheesefudgesicle

Crafting: I have made 2 sweaters for Amos, reconstructed vintage curtains, painted my kitchen Pink, made a pup bed, recoved chairs, made a plastic bag bike bag, decorated a chalk board with buttons, repaired aprons, I even started a Craft Night!!!  The craft bug bit me!!!

CHURCH: My friend Erin invited me and I finally gave in to my wanting!  I am loving it!  I bought my very first adult Bible too!  They had a devotional that went with it too so I couldn’t resist! green_bible_420wide

Movies: August Rushaugust-rush-movie-stills

Antique State Plates.  I am so obsessed!  I even have my Mimi hunting them down for me!  I have about 10 but I could stand to have a million more!  They have this perfect nostalgic feel to them…so stinkin cute!louisisana806