A Fresh Start Fall

I recently moved into a new place! It’s a whole lot closer to work, to my friends and to our downtown area!  I LOVE IT! We call it Melrose Place and the building consists of Jeremy, Erin and Phill.  I couldn’t be happier right now!  We all know how much I love to decorate and garden right!?  Well I am currently repainting the kitchen PINK, the living room Mark Twain House Gold (it’s kinda green!), I recovered two matching chairs for my bedroom yesterday and made a new doggy bed for my little Amos Monster! OMGoodness!!!  As for the gardening bit…it’s the best part….All the house mates had a garden this past summer and we all plan on doing it again come spring and all I have to do is glance out my craft room windows and there it is!!!  RIGHT IN MY EYE SIGHT!!!  Eeek!  Apartment living has always kinda freaked me out, I’ve only lived in one apartment my entire life until now and I was 17!  It’s terribly exciting!

I have been so busy and this summer just turned into utter craziness so I feel awful that I haven’t been blogging.  It’s completely lame.  This fall and winter hopefully I will make more time for the things I love and remove some of those distractions that were less than productive!


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In Full Swing…

Last night I decided to stay up really late painting.  I now have two paintings to show for my diligent efforts!  It had been so long and it felt so good to get into that groove and just keep painting.






Also, this morning the Hollyhocks finally greeted us!  So gorgeous and large!  I can’t wait to see how beautiful they are in full bloom!  These babies are huge, I’m 5’6 and they are taller than I am.

hollyhocksThe light pink Hollyhocks!  So pretty!


frontflowersThis is the very front corner of the yard.  You can see the light pink rose bush, the small fuchsia rose bush and the light purple hollyhocks! 




I figure I might as well show everyone a shot from the garden this morning too.  A little messy but definitely on the way to being cleaned up!   We have managed to get two out of the 3 large beds planted and this afternoon I am working on the smaller baby cucumber bed.  I can’t wait to make those little pickle babies with my friend Laura.  We’ve have been looking forward to canning since last Novemeber!

messygardenI’ve been painting and trying to trim around the bed but it is just so darn hot outside already! 



The little baby spinach sprouts!


toms1The tomatoe plants are really taking off now that we have some super warm days under our belt.




blackberries1This morning I also noticed that all of our raspberries are starting to turn.  I can’t wait to make jam and homemade ice cream with these!


grapesLast but not least, the white grapes!  Looks like they are growing by leaps and bounds right now!  I for one am super excited about this summer treat.  I love to freeze white grapes!  I  just pop them in my mouth to my hearts content!  Perfect on a super hot Missouri day.


 I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the beautiful weather!   I am off on a little bike ride!



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