Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I get so angry.  So angry. Why is hate a family value? Why do we allow the minority to  waste our money and time on these fucking “Witch Hunts”? I just can’t wrap my head around why people think that who one fucks in their bed has anything to do with how one might fight. Furthermore here we are fighting for your rights, fighting for your freedom and we are second class citizens.  We are denied rights you take for granted because of privilege you gained just for being Heterosexual.  This unfair treatment has to end.  DADT is just another example of how far behind we are as a country. I am livid.  I am sickened.  At this point it’s just willful stupidity.

Racheal Maddow is a warrior.  She stands talk among the meek.  If anyone is being fierce in the face of adversity it’s womyn and men like Maddow.  How is Obama being fierce when whe lets these thing slip under the  rug?   How is he being an advocate for gay and lesbian Americans?